NIS 2 takes effect October 2024 – Are you ready?

You can take a big step towards compliance with the NIS 2 Directive by securing access to your process data.

You may have heard about the NIS 2 Directive.  With the growth of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, more companies need access to their process data.  At the same time, cyber attacks on industrial systems are at an all-time high.  So the EU has issued a tough new policy–the NIS 2 Directive–which takes effect next year.

Among the mandates, NIS 2 requires “a level of security of network and information systems appropriate to the risks posed.”  In practical terms this translates into securing access to process data from corporate systems by segregating OT (operations) and IT networks, using a DMZ.

Tunnel/mirror technology

Skkynet provides a way to do this.  DataHub tunnel/mirroring seamlessly passes OT data across a DMZ-enabled connection to an IT network.  Most industrial protocols require opening a firewall to access the data, but the patented DataHub architecture keeps all inbound firewall ports closed on both the control and corporate sides, while still allowing real-time, two-way data communication through the DMZ.

Crossing DMZs

Unlike MQTT, which cannot reliably daisy-chain connections across a DMZ, DataHub tunnel/mirroring maintains a complete copy of the data and connection status from the source to final destination.  It provides accurate indicators of data reliability at each point in the path.

And unlike OPC UA, DataHub tunnel/mirroring keeps all inbound firewall ports closed on the OT side, while still accessing the data.  It faithfully replicates any or all of the full data set from source to user, maintaining the namespace.

NIS 2 takes effect next year, but you can secure your system now.  Keep your OT and IT networks segregated with a DMZ, and pass the data securely between them using DataHub tunnel/mirroring.

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