New ifm temperature sensor checks itself

For processes where accurate temperature control is essential and deviations could have costly implications, the new TCC self-checking temperature sensor from ifm electronic provides an invaluable added level of assurance. The sensor continually monitors its own performance and, if an internal failure occurs or excessive drift is detected in measurement accuracy, it gives a visual warning and sends an alert message to the plant control system so that immediate action can then be taken to minimise the impact of the problem.

The TCC temperature sensor maintains an accuracy of ± 0.2 K across its whole measuring range of -25 to +160 degrees C and offers exceptional measuring stability between calibrations. It also uses IO-Link technology to ensure that the measured results are delivered accurately to the control system, even with long connecting leads and in noisy electrical environments. These features, together with the self-checking functionality, make the new sensor an excellent choice for use in even the most demanding and critical applications.

The TCC sensor has a translucent end cap that is illuminated green in normal operation. The sensor continually checks its own performance against an internal reference, and if deviation outside a pre-set tolerance range (which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 3 K) is detected, the end cap illumination changes to red, giving the user an instant and highly visible warning of the malfunction. Simultaneously, an alert signal is issued via the IO-Link connection. The same actions occur if the sensor detects a serious internal malfunction.

TCC self-checking temperature sensors from ifm electronic have stainless steel bodies and an IP69K ingress protection rating. They can be used at pressures up to 160 bar, and are available in versions with installation depths from 30 to 550 mm.

Manufacturing Update