Kardex: Robotics Deliver Fast order picking

Yesterday’s intralogistics solutions are simply not sophisticated enough to match today’s demands. The smartest and latest technology will move companies from good to great if they utilise the features to their ultimate potential.

By leveraging warehouse automation to its limits, order fulfillment will see significant cost savings and enhanced performance. As a result, companies can stay ahead of competition by meeting market requirements, such as same-day delivery and buy online, pick up in store. To achieve this, they should consider replacing manual order picking and replenishment with modern technologies while working with an intralogistics partner that understands their market. An experienced partner who delivers transparent, fast and scalable intralogistics.

In association with Robomotive, Kardex provides customers with a substantial advantage by integrating robots that pick, process and place single items and full cases to and from any picking stations and storage systems.

The Kardex Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Shuttle XP maintains an outstanding track record and reputation in the retail and e-commerce market. It is designed to meet increasing order expectations, high product availability and optimise order fulfillment processes. A Shuttle XP features an enclosed shelf-based storage system designed to increase storage capacity in a more compact footprint. Operating on the ‘goods-to-person’ principle, the VLM increases productivity by delivering required goods directly to the operator during order fulfillment. These systems are modular and flexible in design, which enables future adjustments for your business needs.

Taking the Kardex Shuttle a step further, Robomotive pick and place robots manage the stress often felt in retail and e-commerce warehouses. Many companies face significant challenges with order picking due to the increasing complexity of market requirements. In some instances, workers first separate products visually and then pick and place them. In other cases, workers pick single pieces from the storage system and then bring them to another source (e.g., packing machine or sorting system). Both applications are characterized by high demands on workforce accompanied by corresponding monotony.

By working flawlessly 24/7, Robomotive pick and place robots take over manual processes like order picking, replenishing, (de)palletising, and more, relieving existing workforce and enabling accelerated speed and accuracy in order fulfillment. With nine years of experience working with rapid image processing and by using a one-of-a-kind, internally developed 3D-Vision software, the pick and place robots replicate the exact precision and synchronisation of a person’s hand-eye coordination to create a multi-functional, versatile and agile work performance. Robomotive’s technology combines software and hardware mechanisms by using 3D cameras, grippers and smart software algorithms. The technology allows the robots to recognize, grip and locate objects precisely. They provide safe, high-performance picking and placing for various items commonly seen in e-commerce such as cubes, tubes, cylinders and various other shapes.

Kardex are hosting a webinar on how you can revolutionise your order picking with robotics: click here to register for the webinar or go to:  https://www.kardex.com/en/webinar-robotics-2022

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