Laser Marking Without The Cost Of The Laser

Laser technology has become the preferred method of marking products of varying material types and across multiple market sectors. The majority of business using the technology will have one or more laser marking systems as part of their production processes. In certain instances, there is a desire to take advantage of the many benefits which laser marking offers, however purchase of the laser marking system is difficult to justify.

The production of prototype components, high-value / low-volume manufacturing, personalisation, traceability or branding are just a few of the reasons why TLM Laser now offer a sub-contract laser marking service from their Bromsgrove base.

(TLM’s sub-contract laser marking service is used by a wide range of companies across multiple market sectors )

TLM’s Andy Toms explains: “There is no doubt that the laser provides the quality, precision and resolution demanded by industry today for identification and traceability purposes. With a track record of over 14 years supplying and applying laser technology, TLM is able to draw upon unparalleled levels of expertise in laser marking. Our sub-contract marking services have been used to date by customers from the aerospace, micro-electronics and precision engineering sectors to name but a few. Although in many cases the volume of parts we are asked to process can be quite small, we recently completed a project where we laser marked 2,000 boxes of plastic alarm components.” Other applications where TLM’s service has proven to be valuable include a requirement to “Brand” silicone chips for one company.

As UK and Ireland distributors for a number of the world’s leading laser companies, including FOBA Laser and Universal Laser Systems laser marking technologies, customers can be assured of the quality of the systems being used to mark their products.

Andy Toms continues: ‘We have a range of laser marking technologies available to us, both Fiber and CO2 which allows us to process a comprehensive array of part types, sizes and materials including metals, plastics and other laser compatible materials. For marking applications which require strict compliance to pre-defined processes, particularly if the mark position accuracy is especially important, we use our IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) technology. IMP validates the part integrity, measures its position and automatically aligns the marking relative to the part. The technology also provides the capability to perform pre-mark and / or post-mark verifications. Pre-mark verification prevents users from marking already marked parts, and the post-mark verification validates that the mark and its placement are accurate. In all cases we apply the same levels of expertise and deliver the highest levels of laser marking clarity, quality and precision.”

The sub-contract laser marking service is available from Bromsgrove based TLM Laser and complements the comprehensive and growing range of laser-based technologies and systems offered by the company.

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