Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd Celebrate first successful year in business

To many Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd are now a household name within the industrial and commercial flooring industry here in UK. It’s hard to believe due to the number of high-profile projects and their already well-established brand that Nick and Amanda Megson have just recently celebrated their first year in business.

Although 2020 had many challenges for all sectors Abacus Flooring Solutions surpassed their anticipated yearly revenue and have seen month on month growth in all aspects of their company. Whether it’s the employment of staff in various areas of the country, a continuously growing pipeline of work and current plans to move into to a new warehouse and office space things have gone superbly in year one. This is the product of long hours, unmatched quality or work and many miles on the motorway. Abacus currently have a major project taking place in Darlington, 7 completed jobs in Wales and have covered every corner of the UK working with multiple industry leading clients.

To coincide with this, Abacus have also been nominated for a Leicestershire business award for “environmental impact”. Nick and the team at Abacus have designed a resin floor screed made of a variety of recycled plastics and most notably, toilet seats. This has grabbed the attention of many organisations in the sustainability industry.

With over 30 years’ experience it is of no surprise that Abacus are thriving. Managing Director Nick Megson had this to say about their first year in operation –

“Completing our first year has brought only one challenge and that is the staffing. Our projected turnover increased by 300%. We managed everything including our cash flow without any borrowing. Now having moved to a new warehouse with offices, we must look at expanding our workforce. We will continue to look for our own work and manage it the way we have, by using a network of specialist sub-contractors. We will continue with our commitment to the environment and our 5-year plan is to have electric vehicles. I will continue to grow the business, but this can only work with the support of our Customer Base, our Suppliers, Sub-Contractors. We will continue to provide the highest standards of Customer Service.”

Just one of many recent installs from Abacus.

Abacus Flooring Solutions are changing the industry with the latest innovations, sustainable materials and customer service which is reflective in award nominations, business retention and the continuous flow of outstanding testimonials from their clients.  If you’re looking to renew your industrial work environments flooring with a sustainable, hassle-free and the trusted expertise possessed by Abacus call today on 07904 396962 or email [email protected]  You can count on their experience. www.abacusflooringsolutions.co.uk

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