November 2023

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How the Skills Gap in Welding Can Be Solved with Gender Inclusivity

he most recent Construction Skills Network (CSN) report forecasts that the construction industry may need an additional 225,000 workers by 2027. Welding alone faces a shortage of workers as 36,000 new jobs are expected to be created, with many welders retiring by 2027.

Attracting a diverse range of talent to the industry could help to fill this gap, and according to research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), only 15% of workers in the sector are female. Here we’ll look at how incentivising more women to join the welding sector could help bridge the gap in skills and reduce the shortage.

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Latest News from the Cast Metals Federation:

Cast Iron success for foundry workers on new training programme

An innovative new training programme, which improves the competitiveness of the foundry sector, has been completed and is looking to recruit its next cohort.

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Precision coating a radar system with Powdertech’s INTRICOAT powder coating service.

Powdertech’s INTRICOAT powder coating service is used for specific section coating by Blighter Surveillance Systems. Blighter makes electronic-scanning (e-scan) ground radar systems for national border security, counter-drone, wide area surveillance and coastline security. These products employ unique award-winning technology and are generally regarded as best-in-class.

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