Optical module enhances satellite lens versatility

Resolve Optics has developed a unique optical module that fulfils the wide range of mounting arrangements used by different satellite camera systems.

Developed in conjunction with ultra-high-definition video camera specialists – Sen (London, UK), the new 406-000 f2 radiation resistant lens from Resolve Optics is incorporated within an optical module which can easily be removed and secured in a wide variety of different mounts.

Rob Watkinson, sales manager at Resolve Optics said “Our new optical module system provides Sen with the flexibility to use the same high-performance video camera lens no matter which partner they decide to launch with. Offering a focal length of 75mm the new 406-000 is the latest addition to the growing range of lenses we have developed for Sen to cover a variety of GSD (ground sampling distance) applications. Previous lenses supplied to Sen have already been deployed into space and are generating amazing 4K images of the Earth and Space”.

Commercially available camera lenses are generally not suitable for space applications because the optical material from which they are made would increasingly suffer from radiation ‘browning’ – meaning that image quality will deteriorate over the lifetime of the satellite. Resolve Optics is a market leader in the design and supply of space ready lenses because of its expertise in custom designing low mass, high performance lenses using radiation resistant glass that meet the harsh demands of rocket launch and the temperature, cosmic radiation and vacuum challenges posed by the space environment.

Sen uses its own satellites and hosted cameras in space to gather news and information about what’s happening on Earth and in space. Sen aim is to make its videos freely accessible to consumers via an app, empowering people to see changes on Earth and take appropriate action. Sen also offers its videos to businesses who wish to analyse the imagery to derive insights that are relevant and valuable to their business. For further information visit www.sen.com.

For further information on high performance satellite lenses and versatile camera mounting systems please contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 or [email protected].

Over the last 20 years, Resolve Optics has built an international reputation for designing and supplying high performance lenses that enable high resolution remote sensing from orbiting satellites and Earth observation platforms.

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