Unlocking manufacturing excellence: Sandvik Coromant Centers as advanced testing facilities

For the manufacturing industry, collaboration has never been more important. Navigating new technologies, global crises and the pressure to become more sustainable and productive can place a lot of weight on a manufacturer’s shoulders, and those working in the industry shouldn’t weather the storm alone. Here, Per Alfsen, Global Knowledge and Center Manager at Sandvik Coromant, explores how tailored processes, developed by seasoned experts, can pave the way for manufacturing success.

Since 2020, the manufacturing industry has risen to several challenges. Be it supply chain issues, geopolitical strife, talent shortage or economic instability, a successful manufacturer doesn’t batten down the hatches and go it alone. Instead, they look to their supply network to collaborate.

An important time to learn

Knowledge sharing in manufacturing has never been more important. Take 2023’s Collin’s Dictionary Word of the Year for instance — AI. While awareness of the technology is high, many businesses remain unsure how to implement it.

According to Cisco’s AI Readiness Index, 84% of companies think AI will have a significant impact on their business, but just 14% feel ready to integrate it. As we navigate new technologies, no manufacturing business should go it alone. And it’s not just about AI — when dealing with any new challenge, collaboration is key.

For machine shop operators, there are many occasions where collaboration is best. For instance, when working with advanced materials that require specialised cutting techniques, when facing machining challenges such as tool wear, vibrations, or poor surface finish, or when optimising toolpaths to maximise efficiency. And that’s where Sandvik Coromant Centers come into play.

On-hand expertise

Sandvik Coromant’s commitment to collaboration can be felt across the globe. Our Sandvik Coromant Centers throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas provide dedicated hubs for product demonstrations and technical training. Customers can attend sessions to learn about a particular area of metal cutting, or about integrating our latest digital machining solutions into their machine shops.

In addition, our centers also provide the perfect test environment. When dealing with complex projects, our Sandvik Coromant Centers can help customers trial new machining tools and strategies without disruption. Experienced experts guide every step to ensure project success, from tool selection and cutting parameters, to machine tool optimisation and selecting the right coolant.

Partnering with Sandvik Coromant in the centres offers numerous benefits. Production processes remain uninterrupted, saving time and resources. With seasoned experts and advanced centre capabilities, customers experience shorter development times, ultimately reducing resource and staffing costs.

Sandvik Coromant Centers are not only used as advanced testing facilities. They also act as a global network for metal-cutting expertise, showcasing our deep understanding of the industry. The Sandvik Coromant Academy provides tailored and standard metal-cutting training, along with e-learning courses, closing the skills gap and future-proofing processes. Furthermore, exclusive events are curated to expand professional networks, delivering a holistic and enriching experience for manufacturing endeavours.

The Sandvik Coromant Academy forms an important part of our training offer — and it’s about so much more than teaching customers how to use our products. In 2023 alone, we saw 36,000 learning interactions take place as a result of the Academy’s work. Our dedicated team develops training sessions with solutions in mind, whether that’s how to increase manufacturing productivity, reduce waste or make machining operations more cost effective. The approach we take to training is less about instruction, and more about a holistic approach that acknowledges manufacturing challenges beyond machine use and looks at how Sandvik Coromant tools and services play into the bigger picture.

While physical training offers a wealth of benefits, our centres extend our knowledge to those who cannot visit us in person. We recognise the value of our customers’ time, which is why we have introduced Digital Live Machining. With this feature, it is possible to remotely connect with us to actively participate in training and observe live machining without the need to travel. Customers can drive projects forward and tap into the full potential of the Sandvik Coromant Center without physical presence.

For Sandvik Coromant, collaboration is part of our DNA. Our approach to manufacturing resilience — Manufacturing Wellness — takes a holistic approach to the challenges our industry face. We believe successful manufacturing companies deliberately do certain things. These include benefitting from strong partnerships and developing the workforce. For Sandvik Coromant, these are two healthy manufacturing habits we feel manufacturers should follow, and our Sandvik Coromant Centers, training academy and dedication to metal cutting training help support that.

In 2024, collaboration will prove a key to success in the manufacturing industry. While the sector — and indeed the rest of society — faces a stream of ongoing challenges, there is also a wealth of opportunity. When greeted with new technologies and ways of working, coming together to unite expertise and harness the knowledge of one another will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter, more resilient manufacturing future.

Intrigued by the possibilities that a Sandvik Coromant Center offers for your manufacturing projects? Learn more about collaborating with our experts at your nearest location here.

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