Trimming expenses along the value stream

In challenging economic times, scrutinising expenses along the value stream becomes imperative for all businesses. Kemet International has been instrumental in assisting companies in reducing costs, particularly in the overhaul and repair of mechanical seals within pumps and valves.

Mechanical seals come in various designs and materials, and when they malfunction, replacement or refurbishment are typically the only options. Failures often result from wear leading to leakage or, in severe cases, catastrophic breakdowns. To address wear-related issues, Kemet provides equipment and expertise enabling end-users or their service teams to refurbish mechanical seals on-site at minimal cost. Additionally, they furnish all necessary inspection equipment, including monochromatic lights and optical flats, to certify flatness and surface finish post-refurbishment and before pressure testing. Kemet’s flat lapping systems are capable of handling mechanical seal materials ranging from carbon to silicon carbide. Many mechanical seal manufacturers rely on Kemet machines and consumables during their production processes, ensuring that sealing faces maintain their original specifications.

Leaking valves post-repair often result from incorrect lapping or the use of inappropriate abrasives and lapping tools, leading to extended servicing turnaround times. During time-sensitive plant shutdowns, it’s crucial that seats and seals undergo correct repair procedures from the outset. Kemet has developed a lapping kit suitable for use on Tyco, Crosby, and Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valves.

Moreover, Kemet offers systems for lapping convex or concave seal faces, a growing requirement in recent years. A Kemet 24 lapping and polishing machine comes at a significantly lower cost than some silicon carbide seals, providing a more financially viable option during turbulent times.

For field metallographic replication procedures on large components impractical to transport to a laboratory, the Kemet Portable Grinder Polisher & Etching unit enables in-situ work for non-destructive replication techniques, ideal for both flat and curved surfaces. Major application areas for the PGP kit include power plants, petroleum, and natural gas pipelines.

The company offers a comprehensive range of Lapping Machines tailored for maintenance workshops, capable of replicating the processes employed by seal and valve manufacturers. The largest standard model machine can finish gate valves up to 1 metre in length. Smaller, portable systems are based on the Kemet 15 Machine, a bench-mounted model able to finish seal faces up to 5 inches in diameter.

Manufacturing Update