Innoscience addresses high power demands with low RDS(on) 650V power transistors in TOLL package


New devices enable 40% smaller PSUs that meet 80+ Titanium Plus efficiency standards


February 26, 2024 – Innoscience the company founded to create a global energy ecosystem based on high-performance, low-cost, gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, today announced new, low RDS(on), high power devices in its ever-broadening family of 650V/700V enhancement-mode power transistors. New 30, 50 and 70mΩ RON parts and available in the industry-standard TOLL (TO-Leadless) package. The 70mΩ part is also available as an 8×8 DFN part.


Dr. Pengju Kong, VP of Product Design Engineering at Innoscience, comments: “GaN power devices make power conversion smaller. With an Ron Qg (Total Gate Charge) that is 10x better than silicon devices, GaN parts enable higher frequency and high efficiency. High frequency means smaller passives, facilitating higher power density systems that are often also cheaper. Additionally, as GaN power devices do not have a body diode, there is no reverse recovery current. This leads to simpler and cheaper system topology while maintaining or increasing performance.”


Members of a new high power product platform from Innoscience, the new INN650TA0x0AH and INN650DA070AH (DFN) devices address challenges in several market sectors. For example, with Silicon technology it is difficult to reach the latest efficiency standards while keeping small PSU size. An Innoscience demo based around INN650TA030AH 650V/30mΩ GaN transistor shows a 4.2kW Totem Pole PFC design that easily meets the 80+ Titanium Plus specifications. Power-hungry datacentres are now demanding 1-2 kW/rack. Using its new HEMTs, Innoscience has demonstrated a 4.2kW PSU with a power density of 130W/in3 that meets 80+ Titanium Plus ratings. For comparison, a well-known supplier of PSUs for such applications using silicon devices is quoting 46W/in3, which would result in a unit that is 40% larger.

Manufacturing Update