(October 11th 2023, Arvada, CO, USA) ALIO Industries (a Part of Allient) recognises that in the world of medicine and diagnostics, the immediate relevance of digital pathology is indisputable today. As healthcare systems worldwide face increasing demands and challenges, the need for more accurate and efficient diagnostic tools has never been more pressing.

Digital pathology, which involves the digitisation of tissue samples and the application of advanced imaging and analytical techniques, offers a transformative solution. This technology allows pathologists to remotely examine and analyse specimens with unprecedented precision, speeding up diagnosis and facilitating collaboration among experts across the globe. However, to harness the full potential of digital pathology, ultra-precise motion control systems are imperative, and companies like ALIO Industries are at the forefront of providing these critical components.

Bill Hennessey, President of ALIO Industries says, “Digital pathology applications demand ultra-precise motion control systems for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, the microscopic examination of tissue samples requires movements that are accurate down to the sub-micron level. The slightest deviation in motion can compromise image quality and diagnostic accuracy, making ultra-precision an absolute necessity. ALIO’s motion control systems excel in delivering sub-micron precision and repeatability, ensuring that imaging devices can precisely position and capture microscopic details. Furthermore, in the field of digital pathology, environmental factors like vibration and electromagnetic interference can be detrimental to image quality. Motion systems must, therefore, be designed to minimize these disturbances, guaranteeing the clarity and reliability of the images produced.”

The characteristics of successful motion control systems in digital pathology applications go beyond precision. They must be seamlessly integrated into the compact space and workflows pre-determined by the complex imaging system of the instrument. Moreover, durability is paramount, as these systems need to withstand continuous use in demanding laboratory environments. ALIO Industries not only provide ultra-precise motion control but also prioritise these additional features, ensuring their systems enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of digital pathology solutions.


Partnering with a motion control supplier like ALIO Industries is crucial for companies providing instruments for the digital pathology market. The expertise of specialised motion control suppliers can significantly expedite product development cycles while ensuring the highest level of precision and reliability. By collaborating with suppliers that have a proven track record in delivering accurate and repeatable motion systems, digital pathology OEMs can focus their resources on developing cutting-edge imaging and analysis technologies, confident that the critical motion control aspect is in capable hands. This collaborative approach is pivotal in driving innovation and advancing the field of digital pathology, ultimately benefiting patients, clinicians, and researchers by providing faster, more accurate, and reliable diagnostic tools for today’s healthcare challenges.

Hennessey concludes, “In digital pathology applications, achieving precise motion control often entails the utilization of advanced motorized platforms, which are equipped with either linear encoders or piezoelectric actuators. Linear encoders play a pivotal role by providing real-time feedback on position, ensuring the exact movement of specimens and slides. Meanwhile, piezoelectric actuators excel in offering exceptionally fine control, particularly when it comes to focusing and scanning tasks. Additionally, air-bearing stages find widespread use to minimize both friction and vibrations, which are critical factors for maintaining high-quality imaging standards. To further streamline the automation process, motion control solutions in the realm of digital pathology may incorporate robotic arms or loaders for the delicate handling of samples. ALIO’s robotic systems are meticulously engineered to handle specimens and slides with care, minimizing the potential risks of damage or contamination. Furthermore, these comprehensive solutions often seamlessly integrate with imaging devices and software, enabling efficient coordination and facilitating rapid scanning and image acquisition.”

As a proud member of the Digital Pathology Association, ALIO will be present during this year’s Pathology Visions in Orlando, FL from October 29th to October 31st. The company welcomes all attendees to come and discuss any digital pathology applications.

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