Samsung Electro-Mechanics expands MLCC offer for automotive powertrain and safety systems

A new multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) from Samsung Electro-Mechanics will broaden even further the portfolio of compact, high-capacitance solutions available to automotive system manufacturers. The newly developed CL31B106KBK6PJ# comes in 1206 inch size (3.2 x 1.6mm), offering an impressive 10µF at a 50V rating.

The number of MLCCs in vehicles is increasing rapidly as automobile electrification and functionality advances. Today, these critical devices can number several thousand per vehicle. MLCCs underpin vehicle safety and reliability, supporting the stability of on-board circuits. To help meet the growing demand for MLCCs offering optimal performance in powertrain and safety system applications, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is creating a series of solutions that satisfy the industry’s requirements for miniaturization, stability and capacitance.

To assist the company’s extensive list of automotive customers, Samsung Electro-Mechanics leverages the capabilities and expertise of its in-house production engineering team. Thanks to the application of proprietary ceramic and electrode material atomization, alongside ultra-precision lamination, the company was able to create the 10µF MLCC in 1206 size at 50V rating. Importantly, the new MLCC maintains its characteristics in the hostile environments that come with driving on the road.

The new device carries an X7R TCC (temperature co-efficient of capacitance), thus offering a ±15% deviation tolerance over a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. This compares favorably to MLCCs with TCC characteristics of X7S (±22%) and X7T (+22%/-33%).

Samples of the impressive CL31B106KBK6PJ# are now available from Samsung Electro-Mechanics upon request.


Manufacturing Update