(Nantwich, United Kingdom, 2nd October 2023) Plastics Live  — to be held in Coventry, U.K. 12-13th June 2024  — will be the only dedicated plastics event on the calendar in the United Kingdom in 2024 and also in 2025. The event is proud to describe itself as a UK show to stimulate UK business, and as such it brings together the cream of technology and service suppliers that are dedicated to optimise the commercial outcomes for the dynamic UK plastic manufacturing sector.

The 3D printing machine operation. The 3D rapid prototype processing concept.

Also unique is the fact that Plastics Live continues to see plastics manufacturing as incorporating technologies and issues that in many instances are seen as separate concerns for mainstream plastic production, namely additive manufacturing (AM) through the co-located event “amplas”, smart manufacturing through the co-located event “Industry 4.0 in Plastics”, and environmental issues through the co-located event “Sustainable Plastics Live.”

The organisers of the show especially understand the necessity for AM and Industry 4.0 technologies and services to be presented inside a general manufacturing show, and recognise the fact that many long established AM only trade shows are now struggling to survive as exhibitors and visitors alike now see technologies such as AM as a complementary part of the overall manufacturing ecosystem.

Scott Colman, show organiser says, “In today’s modern manufacturing ecosystem, the convergence of AM and Industry 4.0 technologies has blurred the lines between once distinct manufacturing disciplines. Isolating trade shows exclusively for AM or Industry 4.0 no longer aligns with the integrated nature of contemporary manufacturing processes. AM is now an integral part of mainstream production, with its applications spanning across industries. Simultaneously, Industry 4.0 principles, which encompass automation, data analytics, and interconnected systems, have become essential for efficiency and competitiveness. To accurately represent the current manufacturing landscape, it is more logical to exhibit these technologies at general manufacturing shows such as Plastics Live, where we can provide a comprehensive platform where industry professionals can explore the interconnectedness and synergies between AM and Industry 4.0 within the context of holistic plastics manufacturing solutions, fostering cross-disciplinary innovation and collaboration.”

By consolidating AM and Industry 4.0 technologies within Plastics Live, the organisers are reflecting the industry’s move towards holistic and future-proof manufacturing strategies. In the modern manufacturing ecosystem, success relies on the seamless integration of various technologies and disciplines.

John Jones, Plastics Live Sales Manager says. “Manufacturers seek comprehensive solutions that encompass the full spectrum of their operational needs, from design and prototyping to production and supply chain management. By showcasing AM and Industry 4.0 alongside traditional plastics manufacturing processes and tools, Plastics Live facilitates a more nuanced understanding of how these technologies can complement and enhance existing plastics manufacturing capabilities. This integrated approach enables show attendees to make informed decisions and investments that align with their overarching business objectives, ultimately driving greater efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainable growth.”

Plastics Live 2024 returns to the Coventry Building Society Arena in Coventry, and with its broad-based exhibitor profile and complete focus on UK exhibitors for UK plastic manufacturing is set to be a large scale and influential event that will help stimulate investment in the UK plastics sector.

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