Efficient Medical Implant Cleaning with In Line Spray and Ultrasonic Immersion Technology

In the manufacturing of medical implants, cleaning is a critical step to ensure the quality and safety of the final product. Aqueous ultrasonic immersion lines have long been the standard way of cleaning oils and compounds from medical implants, but heavily contaminated parts require filtration and regular fluid with detergent changes. Even with filtration and surface skimming, the level of contaminants can affect the cleaning results. Complex parts with blind threaded holes pose a challenge to the cleaning process. Trapped contamination can compromise the quality of the final product. While fixture design can help overcome this challenge, it is not always enough. In the past, the only option for removing heavy contamination has been a separate spray washer. However, this means that parts have to be manually loaded from one style of basket to another and then manually transferred from the spray wash to the ultrasonic line. This not only adds time to the process but also increases the risk of contamination.

Kemet, partners with Finnsonic to offer modular spray and ultrasonic cleaning tanks as part of an automated line. This solution quickly removes heavy contamination from any surface, including hard-to-reach cavities and holes. By having a spray tank as part of the line, heavy contaminants can be removed by spraying, and then these contaminants are collected and kept separate from the ultrasonic tanks. This not only improves the cleaning process but also extends the longevity of filters and detergents, reducing the day-to-day cost of running the line.

The modular spray tanks are designed to work seamlessly with Kemet’s non-foaming detergents specifically for spray washing. This allows Kemet to supply a full ultrasonic and spray wash turnkey solution for any challenge. The modular design of the spray tanks also means that they can be easily integrated into existing ultrasonic lines or installed as part of a new line. This means that manufacturers can quickly and easily upgrade their cleaning process without significant disruption to their operations.

In conjunction with Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaners, Kemet also offers:

  • Vacuum Solvent Cleaning: Pristine cleanliness with advanced vacuum cleaning technology, guarantees exceptional cleaning results but also spares you from the constraints of ATEX-approved machinery, thus saving you on investment costs.
  • Passivation: This option is a perfect fit for sectors such as aerospace and medical, where strict regulatory compliance is paramount, ensuring your equipment meets the highest standards of hygiene. Adheres to ISO 7 clean room standards
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection: Uncover hidden surface imperfections and defects with remarkable efficiency, following the ASTM E1417 FPI standard. Widely embraced in the aerospace and medical fields, this technique ensures your components meet the strictest quality criteria.
  • Vapour Degreasing: Safe and effective oil and contaminant removal, all while keeping environmental impact and operator safety in mind.


Discover how Kemet’s supplementary offerings can revolutionise your cleaning experience, raising the bar for cleanliness and efficiency.


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