Solid Sands unveils SuperGuard’s extended compatibility with C++ at IAA Mobility 2023 SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite

Munich, Germany – 4 September 2023 – Solid Sands, the world-leading provider of testing and qualification technology for compilers and libraries, unveiled an extended C++ subset of their SuperGuard product. This extended subset is the industry’s first requirements-based test suite for standard C++ library qualification and it meets various functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262. This major announcement was made at the IAA Mobility event in Munich.

This new development addresses the often underestimated challenge of standard C++ library qualification. The size of the standard C++ library is significantly larger than its C counterpart. The intricate nature of the standard C++ library core headers, relying heavily on templates executed by the compiler, presents complexities in achieving statement coverage and modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC). Solid Sands has leveraged a combination of in-house analysis and cutting-edge tools to attain remarkable coverage percentages for third-party C++ library implementations based on LLVM and GNU.


Solid Sands’ CTO Marcel Beemster says: “In an era of evolving software demands, Solid Sands is proud to unveil SuperGuard’s extended compatibility with C++. The IAA Mobility’s focus on innovation makes it the perfect event for this announcement. Compilers and Libraries play an increasingly pivotal role in mobility, SuperGuard solves the complex challenge of standard C++ library qualification.”


About Solid Sands

Founded in 2014, Solid Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services. Solid Sands offers extensive test and validation suites with a unique level of compiler and library test coverage, enabling customers to achieve the software tool quality level demanded by ISO standards. The company’s name combines sand – the world’s most abundant source of silicon – with the solidity and security expected of sector-leading testing and validation technologies. More information on the company’s products and services is available at You can follow Solid Sands on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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