How PSL Datatrack Onboards New Customers

The onboarding, sales and support process for any product needs to be as suited as possible to the prospective customer. We at PSL Datatrack have worked hard to streamline this process, with our thorough understanding of the needs of a subcontract precision engineering business in mind.

The first thing we need is a fact finding discussion – a discussion to determine what you really need. We need to understand what pain points and issues you currently have and what benefits you’re seeking to gain long-term. It’s crucial to ensure that there is enough synergy between what you are looking for and what we’re able to provide as a solution.

Provided that you are a subcontract precision engineer we’d expect there to be good synergy – there mostly is but occasionally we’ll find a fit that’s not quite right. This is what makes the fact find at the outset so important; it allows us to progress in the right manner and prevents the wasting of important time for both parties.

The next stage is to run through a demonstration of the software. We tend to host demonstrations remotely, with the idea being that we don’t want to take up too much of your day. We’ll therefore dedicate a short amount of time and give you an overview of the product, so you can assess whether you think this is the right direction you want to take your production control. If it is, we can then follow up with a more detailed demonstration.

The ability to effectively pick off a menu and scope the system is essential to making sure we give you the solution you need. It’s unusual to start with all of the modules available and we would always encourage you to pick the smallest milestone that’s achievable to start with – there’s a day job to do at the same time! Our modular approach allows you to complete each milestone and add as you go.

After agreeing the commercial aspects of the system, and following installation, we offer remote training which we’ve found to be very efficient. Historically we’d spend one or two days onsite but, as with any training course you do, you won’t retain all of the information.

By switching to short sessions of say an hour, with the chance to practice between sessions, the retention is much greater and there’s less disruption to your business. We find that the amount of training time overall is now less, so it’s a win-win for both sides.

We’ll give you some basic instruction, then it’s really a case of practice what you’ve learned. Play, experiment, process orders – we want to see you try and push the boundaries with what you’re doing and come back with questions.

Although we’ll have a nominated member of staff for your training programme, anyone in our support team is able to answer calls and queries. There is always support available between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

There is also integrated help, which we have developed over the years and is very extensive. We keep that up-to-date to ensure it keeps abreast of new features, with a new full release of PSL Datatrack available every 1-2 years.

There’s also an implementation guide to supplement the training, in effect a series of bullet point guides you need to follow and which also has some reminders, so you have that as a peace of mind and security whilst practicing.

Any business has unique challenges, which may come from customers having specific requirements – extra controls required, extra information required on paperwork – so we can also develop bespoke functionality if necessary.

The Wishlist system we run encourages customers to give us feedback. Of course, we have our own ideas, but there’s nothing more useful than feedback from those who use it in the correct environment, day in day out. We take those ideas, look at how we can integrate them into the system, and that’s how we develop additional functionality and therefore add value back into the system that benefits our customers.

We’re confident that we can help you streamline your business and entire production process. If you’re not taking away pain points, why are you putting a system in?

To begin your production control software journey with a no obligation fact finding discussion, please call 01344 827312 or email [email protected] today.


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