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Resolve Optics is a leading supplier of custom lens assemblies including high-performance Infrared (IR) optics for use in thermal imaging, FT-IR spectroscopy, CO2 laser and defence applications.

The company delivers thousands of custom lens assemblies per year – from complex high-speed imaging lenses, and material sorting inspection optics, to radiation resistant lenses for critical space and nuclear applications.

Using substrates including germanium, sapphire, silicon or zinc selenide, Resolve Optics is experienced in developing and supplying IR lens assemblies with anti-reflection coatings to optimise performance in the infrared waveband to best suit your application.

Mark Pontin – Managing Director of Resolve Optics commented “While some optical design and manufacture companies promise low cost and high quality, few can match the innovative optical design and expert technical support that Resolve Optics is internationally renowned for. We have successfully developed many innovative and custom optical assemblies for our industry partners over the last 25+ years. We welcome the OEM design and manufacture opportunity to develop, design or manufacture special lenses and optical products”.

To learn more about Resolve Optics OEM lens design and manufacture service please visit or contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 / [email protected]

Resolve Optics pride ourselves on nearly three decades of quickly translating each customer need into an optimised optical design, running projects successfully, and manufacturing production quantities of lenses or optical products on time, to the specified quality and target price.



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