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Bowers Group has been a trusted partner of the world-renowned Robert Sorby for decades, assisting in perfecting its popular woodworking hand tools with precision measurement. With the help of a range of Moore & Wright hand tools, the company has been able to achieve exceptional precision and accuracy in its manufacturing operations.

Working at the heart of the UK’s steel and toolmaking industry since 1828, Robert Sorby has developed a truly global reputation for producing the finest edge woodworking tools. All its tools are made with the highest quality steel, which is hardened and tempered to its own specification. Polished flutes and hand-finished handles are typical of the quality and attention to detail that have always been the hallmarks of the Robert Sorby brand.

The use of hand tools, particularly Moore & Wright instruments, plays a crucial role in Robert Sorby’s manufacturing processes. The Moore & Wright hand and workshop tools ensure precision, accuracy, and alignment of mating components, thereby facilitating smooth assembly, and improved final product quality.

Mark Furniss, Quality & Technical Engineer at Robert Sorby, said: “Moore & Wright hand tools are the backbone of precision and have been invaluable in the manufacturing of Robert Sorby’s woodworking tools. With the exceptional accuracy and reliability, these tools enable our craftsmen to create the finest quality products that stand the test of time. Our partnership with Bowers Group is longstanding and the continued support from the team is second-to-none.”

Every Robert Sorby tool is unique and hand-finished with the utmost care and attention to detail awarded to every piece, each of which is guaranteed to last a lifetime. By combining traditional processes – some of the techniques used to craft tools have remained unchanged for centuries – with modern equipment, Robert Sorby is able to blend 21st-century manufacturing methods with centuries-old crafting techniques.

The traditions of the company go hand in hand with its vision for the future. Always looking to develop new techniques and ways of working, with the sole purpose of enhancing its products and delivering a superior customer experience, which is why Robert Sorby works closely with reputable brands to fine-tune its manufacturing processes.

Moore & Wright tools have been an integral part of Robert Sorby’s operations for the past two decades. These tools are primarily used in areas where inspection and precision play a critical role. By using Moore & Wright tools, Robert Sorby aims to maintain continuity, repeatability, and alignment accuracy of their components throughout the manufacturing process.

Used daily, shopfloor personnel predominantly utilise these tools, however they are readily available to anyone requiring them. This accessibility ensures that all team members can contribute to maintaining the high quality and precision standards set by the company.

The 1961M micrometer and the 150mm digital calipers are amongst the most frequently used Moore & Wright hand tools at Robert Sorby. The micrometer is employed for measuring critical diameters of turned components, while the digital calipers are used for length, depth, and dimensional measurements. Machining centre operators primarily rely on the digital calipers for their measurement needs.

The decision to invest in Moore & Wright tools was driven by multiple factors. Firstly, Robert Sorby’s Quality Inspector had prior experience working with Moore & Wright tools not only as an apprentice but later in his career, and therefore recognised their value in maintaining exacting standards and tolerances. Additionally, the reputation of the Moore & Wright brand as a reliable and renowned tool manufacturer further solidified the decision to invest in their products.

The integration of Moore & Wright tools has brought about significant improvements for Robert Sorby. The tools are easy to use, providing a comfortable grip and ensuring accuracy in measurements. These precision instruments have solved the challenges posed by antiquated and unreliable measuring tools, resulting in enhanced product quality and improved manufacturing processes. The collaboration with Bowers Group, the distributor of Moore & Wright tools, has been exemplary, with prompt support and useful advice when needed.

By investing in these precision instruments, the company has achieved greater accuracy, maintained high-quality standards, and met customer expectations, as well as having become an essential element in achieving manufacturing excellence.

The partnership between Robert Sorby and Moore & Wright exemplifies the value of utilising top-quality tools to enhance processes and deliver superior products in the woodworking industry.

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