Owl Autonomous Imaging 3D Thermal Sensor Named a 2023 Best of Sensors Award Winner #industrynews

Owl’s new HD thermal camera sensing technology and AI software will enable the automotive industry to meet the NHTSA’s new mandates for pedestrian safety at night.

Santa Clara, CA – June 22, 2023 – Owl Autonomous Imaging, The smartest choice for the road ahead, today announced it has been named a winner in the Optical and Camera category of the 2023 Best of Sensors Awards for 3D High-Definition Thermal Ranger Camera with Computer Vision. The awards program is presented by Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics and honors the best in sensor technologies and the sensor ecosystem, people and companies.

Throughout the world, government agencies and industry organizations are in the process of developing and implementing automotive safety regulations that will force vehicle makers to adapt new safety and night-time driving technologies that are much more effective than those in use today. Owl’s Thermal Ranger™ combines the latest Thermal Camera hardware and AI technology that not only can “see” warm objects like humans, animals and bicyclists on the road, but can also classify them as to what they are and how far away they are, enabling the vehicles to automatically hit the brakes or steer around them.

“Pedestrian safety, especially for night-time and urban driving, is THE critical milestone for the automotive industry’s next-generation vehicles, and we are honored to be recognized by Sensors Converge & Fierce Electronics for the impact of the problems we seek to solve” says Chuck Gershman, CEO & Co-founder of Owl Autonomous Imaging.

Submissions were judged based on the value to the marketplace, the impact of the problems it solves or issues it addresses and the uniqueness of the design.

Charlene Soucy, Senior Director, Technology – Sensors & Electronics said, “Congratulations to the individuals, teams and technologies on their award wins. Each year we are continually amazed at the innovations and achievements the award winners have created.  This year, the winners have outdone themselves with their innovations and perseverance. We are excited to honor them as the best of the best in the industry.”

More info at https://www.owlai.us/

About Owl Autonomous Imaging

Owl Autonomous Imaging delivers monocular 3D thermal ranging computer vision solutions that dramatically enhance safety day or night and in adverse weather conditions, to automotive and industrial mobility markets. Thermal Ranger™ is Owl’s passive 3D sensor solution that uses AI deep learning and custom thermal sensors to extract dense range maps. Owl AI’s system approach identifies living objects in all conditions from dense urban environments to completely dark country roads where it is paramount to quickly identify, classify, and determine the distance to an object including all VRUs. This allows autonomous vehicles and vehicle operators to safely navigate and stop to avoid catastrophic damage or injury.

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