Delta Launches Three CODESYS-Based Motion Controllers, Increasing AX-3 Series Scalability #industrynews

Motion controller portfolio now supports range from 4 to 64 axes

Delta has recently launched the AX-304EL, AX-316E, and AX-364EL motion controllers to complement the
existing AX-308E motion controller. AX-3 series motion controllers offer a CODESYS development
environment to enable intelligent industrial automation applications. Compatibility with Delta AS Series IO products and support for major industrial communication protocols including EtherCAT and MODBUS.
Delta released the AX-308E as the first CODESYS-based motion controller in the AX-3 series, which was an
immediate success. To fulfill the need for controllers that could handle more than 8 axes as well as a more
cost-efficient model beneath it, the new AX-3 series models are now being introduced. Alongside the AX-8series, Delta now offers extremely cost-competitive solutions across a broad range of automation scenarios. Flexible usability, high performance and seamless communication
The new controllers expand Delta’s motion portfolio and enable single-axis movements as well as
synchronous multi-axis motion such as gearing, ECAMs, and interpolation.

IO capabilities are integrated into the motion controller but can also be implemented using external Delta AS-series modules for remote input/output setups.

The AX-304EL, AX-316E, and AX-364EL support up to 4, 16 and 64 axes respectively and offer an
EtherCAT master, 2 Ethernet ports, serial ports, 16 built-in digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs. The AX-3
series motion controllers are compatible with the common communication protocols OPC UA, Modbus and1/2 Ethernet/IP. As the CODESYS AX-3 Series is an evolving and growing product series, the goal is to offer more communication protocols as well as more advanced product.
Faster time-to-market with DIADesigner-AX DIADesigner-AX software integrates CODESYS into Delta’s DIAStudio software platform.

The environment provides support from the planning stage through execution and commissioning, easing the implementation of both simple and complex motion control, including single- and multi-axis movements, gearing, ECAMs and interpolation. It also helps ensure compliance with international standards such as IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen. Software developers will benefit from integrated tools including an oscilloscope, simulator, and CAM design editor.
The AX-304EL, AX-316E, and AX-364EL motion controllers are now available throughout the EMEA region

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