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Pultrusion and pull-winding specialist Exel Composites has appointed Ole Sartori to the role of area sales manager for Germany and Denmark.

As part of Exel’s global sales team, Sartori will work closely with customers and new prospects in the German and Danish markets to help deliver composite solutions and provide a dedicated go-to contact, while supporting Exel’s growth in the region. The appointment comes at a time when the company is looking to increase awareness of the benefits of composites and the advantages of Exel’s expertise in continuous manufacturing processes, pultrusion and pull-winding, in the European market.

Sartori is a qualified mechanical engineer with experience working in key industrial sectors, including marine and wind, which gives him a strong technical knowledge background and experience to support customers across a variety of industries and applications. His high levels of technical knowledge, obtained from working with composites across these key sectors, is a key asset for Exel’s global sales team and will benefit the growing composites customers and prospects in Germany and Denmark.

“The European composites market is familiar with the benefits of composites generally, but there is still room to raise awareness of the benefits of using continuous manufacturing processes for high volume production,” explained Ole Sartori, area sales manager at Exel Composites. “For example, pultrusion and pull-winding are especially effective for mass production, while delivering efficiencies of scale and consistent mechanical performance. Our design and manufacturing experience gives our customers advantages, for example to combine several parts into one composite profile.  This is particularly useful in applications requiring large profiles, such as bus and coach panels, and in other applications where tubes or even long-spooled profiles are needed, such as with wind turbine blades.

“Exel Composites has several decades of experience in providing pultruded and pull-wound composite solutions, and delivers these solutions to German and Danish customers who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of composites in their products. I look forward to meeting with our current and prospective customers to continue exploring how composites can help them go lighter, stronger, and more sustainable,” concluded Sartori.

As part of Exel’s targeted growth strategy and to increase its market share in the region, the company is increasing its presence in Germany and Denmark to better meet with the demand and with new and existing customers in the region and provide increased levels of support.

“Coming from a background as a mechanical engineer with experience across several key industrial sectors, Ole is well placed to understand both the technical and business requirements of our customers and bring high levels of knowledge to discussions. This improves our ability to support customers in overcoming any challenges in their sector using composites,” explained Jens Hanusch, Head of Sales North, East and Central Europe at Exel Composites. “Ole will strengthen our European team by working closely with customers in the region and becoming a focal point of contact for them. This will help ensure that we serve customers in the region as efficiently as possible while maintaining the high levels of service and consultancy that Exel prides itself on.”

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