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The challenge of achieving a uniform and high-quality polished surface on aluminium mirrors has long been a technical barrier. However, Professor David Walker, Professor of Ultra Precision Surfaces at Huddersfield University, has discovered a solution to this problem – the Kemox SF slurry.

The application of this slurry was tested in polishing a 480mmø aluminium mirror for the LOCUS project, a proposed space mission aimed at observing the Earth’s atmosphere at grazing incidence. The mirror was first CNC milled to generate an off-axis parabolic surface and pre-lapped to produce a uniform grey surface. Despite various polishing slurries being tested, none could produce a uniform polished surface, and some crystallised too quickly, leading to clogging issues.

Kemet, a leading supplier of precision surface finishing products, recognised the issues faced in mirror polishing and supplied their Kemox SF slurry as a solution. Not only did the Kemox SF slurry produce a uniform polished surface, but it also reduced the polishing time and alleviated the slurry clogging issue.

The mirror was super-finished using Kemet’s COL-KNC non-crystallising colloidal slurry, which produced an impressive texture of 6nm. From the initial contact with Kemet to producing a finished mirror, it took only two weeks.

Kemox SF slurry has revolutionised the field of mirror polishing with its exceptional polishing capabilities. Aluminium mirrors have long been a challenge in the industry, as traditional polishing slurries fail to produce a uniform surface finish. However, the Kemox SF slurry has been specifically formulated to address this issue, providing an effective and efficient polishing process for aluminium mirrors.

What sets Kemox SF apart from other polishing slurries is its reduced risk of clogging. Clogging is a common problem that occurs when polishing slurries crystallise too quickly, leading to blockages in the dispenser system. This results in significant delays and increases the overall polishing time. With Kemox SF, this risk is significantly reduced, resulting in a more reliable and consistent surface finish.

Kemox SF slurry is an excellent choice for those looking to achieve a superior mirror finish with minimal effort. Its formulation and polishing capabilities have been tested and proven, making it a go-to solution for mirror polishing, especially for aluminium mirrors. The success of the LOCUS project mirror polishing is just one example of how Kemox SF has transformed the way we think about mirror polishing.

Kemet has been in the precision surface finishing business for over 85 years and has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for various surface finishing applications. If you are facing challenges in precision surface finishing, consider reaching out to Kemet for assistance.

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