When the entry path is straight the Pro Rigid is the one to use #Manufacturing #ProRigid #Borescope

Our Pro Rigid borescope and inspection cameras are an affordable option specifically designed for inspecting machine parts, welded tubes, and simpler castings. They excel in situations where a straight path is sufficient and there is no need to bend for different viewing angles or curved pathways. Featuring our exclusive EndoGRINS relay lenses, our rigid borescopes offer superior sharpness and detail.

These rigid borescopes are durable and can be easily connected to a video camera and monitor for convenient viewing and image capture. We understand the importance of selecting the right borescope camera for your inspection needs, especially considering the wide range of options available in the market.

Our selection includes the Pro MicroSlim™ with a tube diameter of 1.85mm, the Pro Slim™ with a tube diameter of 4.2mm, the Pro SuperSlim™ with a tube diameter of 2.4mm, the Pro Hardy™ with a tube diameter of 6.35mm, and the Pro Super Hardy™ with a tube diameter of 7.20mm. Each model also offers a mirror tube option.

Additionally, we offer the Pro Slim Prism, which has a fixed direction of view of either 30 or 70 degrees.

As a reputable manufacturer, Gradient Lens Corporation has been producing high-quality rigid borescope and inspection cameras for over 20 years.

To explore our top-notch selection of rigid borescopes, please visit our website click on this link: https://bit.ly/42MHHlJ.


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