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By transitioning from aqueous cleaning to solvent cleaning, the precision mechanics firm was able to achieve cost savings, improve operating efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

A noteworthy success storey belongs to a precision mechanics firm specialising in the hydraulics industry. The company was established in 2002 by three engineers and rapidly established a reputation as a dependable industry subcontractor for manufacturing precision mechanical parts. The Italian firm has grown from a small establishment with fewer than ten workers to a thriving organisation with over thirty employees and an annual turnover of almost €4 million. They work with an array of materials, such as steel, cast iron, and aluminium, and prioritise incorporating performance-oriented technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Their production plant boasts 11 horizontal and 2 vertical machining centres, 3 turning machines, and has the capability to carry out multiple processes, including surface treatments, heat treatments, and pre-assembly of parts in plastic and/or other components, according to customer requirements and sectoral specificities. Attention to detail, cleanliness, and precision are essential due to the company’s manufactured goods’ critical role in providing functionality to integrated systems. During production, two primary lubricants are utilised, one of which is suitable for processing aluminium. Finally, at the conclusion of the production cycle, the workpieces undergo a sensitive and crucial cleaning process to eliminate any impurities and oil residues, enabling further processing or downstream assembly in the supply chain.

The company’s existing water-based cleaning system was inadequate and ineffective, with disposal expenses every three months. To enhance its operational efficiency, the company realised the need to upgrade its parts cleaning process. At a trade show, the company discovered IFP, a reputable manufacturer of modified alcohol cleaning machines, while exploring alternative cleaning technologies. IFP offered the company an opportunity to conduct cleaning trials and comparative tests on their equipment, and recommended the use of SAFECHEM’s modified alcohol solvent, DOWCLENE™* 1601, for optimal cleaning results. Based on multiple trials and assessments, as well as favourable feedback from other companies that had adopted modified alcohol cleaning machines for their parts cleaning needs, the company invested in an industrial solvent cleaning machine from IFP that would run on DOWCLENE™* 1601.For optimal cleaning results, IFP suggested using DOWCLENE™* 1601, a high-performance and virgin-grade solvent with both non-polar and partially polar properties. The solvent is capable of efficiently removing oils, greases, and some polar contaminants.

IFP solvent cleaning machines are exclusively distributed in the UK by Kemet, a renowned name in the precision cleaning industry. Our customers have access to cutting-edge cleaning technology thanks to Kemet’s long-standing reputation for excellence. As an authorised distributor, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and technical support, ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible cleaning results with IFP’s innovative machines. Our team of experts offers tailored solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs, whether it’s improving cleaning efficiency, reducing costs, or enhancing overall cleaning performance. We are confident that our partnership with IFP enables us to provide our customers with the finest precision cleaning solutions available on the market.

The advantages of employing a modified alcohol cleaning solution include enhanced flexibility, time savings, and lower energy expenses.

Achieving optimal cleaning results depends on both the cleaning machinery and the cleaning solution employed. DOWCLENE™* 1601 is a solvent that offers exceptional solvency power, process stability, and reliability, making it a perfect option for achieving outstanding cleaning results. Univar Solutions distributes the solvent in the SAFE-TAINER™ System, a risk management solution developed by SAFECHEM to ensure safe and sustainable transport, storage, and handling of the solvent. To monitor the quality of DOWCLENE™* 1601 cleaning solvent and detect any potential negative changes, the company used SAFECHEM’s solvent control kit, MAXICHECK™ DCL 1-N. These observations are meticulously recorded in an operating diary and shared with SAFECHEM for evaluation and consultation purposes.

The utilisation of modified alcohol cleaning solution presents various advantages, such as enhanced flexibility, time efficiency, and decreased energy expenses. The amalgamation of IFP’s state-of-the-art cleaning apparatus and DOWCLENE™* 1601’s distinct characteristics has not only upgraded cleaning performance but also resulted in productivity and cost benefits. The latest cleaning equipment allows the cleaning of 4 trays containing different metals in a single cycle, and the automated spray of protective oil on washed components. Moreover, the optimised drying feature has eliminated the requirement for small component blow-drying, ultimately leading to reduced energy consumption and financial gains. The company’s General Manager commended the IFP machine and DOWCLENE™* 1601 for their impressive and efficient outcomes. The firm proposes this solution to other businesses needing to conduct metal parts cleaning.

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