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The Starrett FMS500 – FMS5000 single column force testing systems are available with 500N, 1000N, 2500N and 5000N loading capacities. This tensile testing system is ideally suited for compression test, cyclic tests and other common force measurement methods.

The tensile tester operates with Starrett’s L2 Force Measurement software; S2 Spring Test Software – entry level for basic force measurement ideal for lean manufacturing environments.

L2 Plus Force Analysis sofware – designed for advanced force measurement and analysis and optimised for quality and engineering personnel.

It is also possible to run L3 System on this testing equipment, however; we would recommend Starrett MMS500-5000 which we feel is better suited for this software. The L3 System meets the materials testing requirements of today’s research scientist, design engineer and quality manager responsible for material characterisation, verification and validation.

Key Features

  • Large 203mm platform
  • Granite base and extruded aluminium column for exceptional stability
  • Interchangeable load sensors accurate to +/-0.05% Full Scale
  • User adjustable corrections for linear error and deflection compensation
  • High resolution colour touchscreen display
  • Export using USB and interface to wireless devices using Bluetooth
  • Dual column tensile testing equipment is also available to accommodate higher force measurements of 10,000N, 30,000N and 50,000N.

Designed for use by Design Engineers, Research Scientists or Quality Mangers the system provides solutions in an easy to use format. Full details from Optimax at https://bit.ly/3LbVbBq


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