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Gradient Lens Hawkeye® Q2 HD Video Borescope features diameters of 3.9 and 6mm.

The Q2 features new technology that will allow our customers to change insertion tubes, and offer a dual 0 and 90 camera view, this is activated at the click of a switch.  The Q2 Video Borescopes offer 4-way joystick articulation, image and video capture, and 4-hour battery life combined with a compact, portable, and durable design. Various len

Expanding on the popular Hawkeye V2 and V3, which were launched in 2012, the new Q2 incorporates technological advancements that expand the offering of video borescopes offered by Gradient Lens Corporation.

The Q2 easily displays and captures crystal clear video and still images, and does so using a lightweight, and user-friendly compact design. The Q2 is a valuable tool for our customers who have a variety of length and diameters needs but don’t have the budget to purchase multiple systems.

Applications include Aircraft Maintenance, Casting Inspection, Fuel Systems, Hydraulics, Metal Machining, Power Generation and Welding inspection.

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