Impulse Embedded now accredited to JOSCA and meet UVDB for Defence and Utility sector supply of embedded computing and IIoT #Manufacturing #IIoT #Solutions #JOSCAR #Accreditation

Impulse Embedded, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial and embedded computing and IIoT solutions have been awarded JOSCAR accreditation and been validated for UVDB, extending their business in the Defence and Utilities sectors.

Using their customer-facing Innovations Lab, Impulse Embedded have focussed on these two key markets where the quality of the supply chain is paramount and the systems they deliver are required to fully meet the intended installation environment.

Focussing on the built-in quality of all their systems and processes Impulse Embedded have been validated by Achilles as a member of the UVDB Silver Plus scheme, the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK assuring the highest standards of supply chain performance.

Now also fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register for another year offers customers in the aerospace, defence and security industries pre-qualification and compliance information when specifying an Impulse Embedded solution for any project.

Impulse Embedded have a passion for delivering forward-looking solutions that can transform operational success for customers across an extensive range of industries and applications. Impulse covers the spectrum of industrial computing, embedded systems and industrial IoT needs – from the supply of devices to solution design, build, configuration and network services.

Impulse Embedded capabilities can create reliable, repeatable, and revision-controlled systems aimed at reducing customers overall project costs and development time. An in-house team of engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, can provide fully deployable embedded computing solutions straight out of the box.

 For more details regarding Impulse’s Industrial computing and IoT capabilities please call the Impulse Specialists at +44(0)1782 337 or visit

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