Fixed focus lenses for monitoring radioactive processes #Manufacturing #Monitorting #Radioactive #Processes

For monitoring radioactive processes in nuclear power, reprocessing and waste storage plants – Resolve Optics offers a standard range of 6mm, 9mm and 25mm focal length fixed focus lenses.

Designed to provide a focal length of 6mm or 9mm respectively, the Model 214 and 286 radiation tolerant lenses, deliver high quality images with minimal geometric distortion from 400-750nm. Designed for close-up monitoring of radioactive processes, these durable lenses are specifically designed for use with 2/3-inch image format radiation resistant tube and CMOS cameras. Key features of the Model 214 and Model 286 lenses include their wide field-of-view and variable iris control.

However, producing clear, sharp images free of a strong yellow tint has traditionally been a limiting issue when using radiation tolerant lenses on colour CMOS cameras. To provide a solution for this problem, Resolve Optics developed the Model 313 – a 25mm focal length fixed focus lens. Using specially selected cerium doped glasses with the least amount of yellow tint, the Model 313 delivers unmatched high clarity, natural colour images.

Starting from these proven fixed focus lens designs, Resolve Optics also offers a rapid design service to produce a custom fixed focus lens fully optimised to deliver the best results from your radiation tolerant camera or sensor.

For further information on fixed focus radiation tolerant lenses please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 / [email protected].

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