Codebeamer becomes part of PTC’s Digital Thread #Manufacturing #Codebeamer® #Windchill®

PTC, one of the world’s leading digital transformation specialists, has announced a major milestone for engineers, with the seamless integration of its Codebeamer® (Application Lifecycle Management) product version with Windchill® (Product Lifecycle Management).

Completed via the OSLC standard, this latest innovation improves visibility across the entire digital development process and should help manufacturers of complex products innovate quicker and better.

PLM solutions like Windchill manage parts, models and documents, while ALM solutions like Codebeamer automate software development and delivery processes to increase productivity and ensure compliance. Software development teams typically work according to agile methodologies.

By integrating the ALM and PLM solutions, all software and hardware product development teams can now benefit from the advantages of lifecycle management systems and the ability to quickly respond to changing requirements, as well as capture, link, track and manage all requirements. At the same time, it provides full traceability from start to finish.

You get an end-to-end user experience with a single sign-on, links visible in both directions and automatic detection of links after changes.

“With this integration, we have reached another milestone for engineers in the industry,” said Elliot Clarke, UKI regional director at PTC.

“Now that these two leading solutions work seamlessly together, we are providing end-to-end support for the entire digital development process for both hardware and software. This takes collaboration between different development teams to a new level and especially helps manufacturers of complex products innovate faster and better.”

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