PSL Datatrack has unveiled the new Contract Review module for its production control system, which is designed specifically for subcontract precision engineering businesses.

The purpose of this new development is to ensure that all required contract review elements, in line with the user’s quality manual, have been checked and approved for a specific job or project.

Whether a subcontract company is AS9100 accredited or granted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) and requires a more formal contract review, or accredited to ISO 9001 or other standards and requires a less strict contract review, the review is nevertheless a key aspect of their operation.

It ensures that the relevant steps at quotation and/or works order stage are performed by authorised users, ultimately adhering to formal customer agreements and schedules. Integrating these procedures within PSL Datatrack clearly shows what actions are outstanding for each relevant quote or works order and who needs to the perform the activity in question.

In line with PSL Datatrack’s overall approach to supplying production control software to subcontractors, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and benefits from the input of established system users.

The new module caters for variable checks depending on the customer and component in question and there is security built in to ensure that only authorised users can sign off specific elements of a contract review.

Each user has a risk level, which specifies the highest risk level of review items that user is authorised to approve within Works Orders. Comments can be left against all items with details of who approved them and when. Management can revoke items if dissatisfied or approval was made in error.

Users will begin by defining review elements, for each customer, that form a relevant contract review. At the quoting stage, users will be required to approve feasibility study items with the option to refine the review elements that need to be signed off at the works order stage.

The entire PSL Datatrack system totals in excess of 1500 configuration options and this new module can also be configured in many ways. For example, the user can choose whether the system issues a warning message or prevents a delivery being made for a works order that has low risk items outstanding for review.

Also depending on the configuration set, if a works order requires a contract review the system will check to see if the associated quotation has Review Codes defined. If it does the works order will inherit them, if not the system will check the customer default.

Contract review progress can be tracked on the flexible Quotations and Works Orders listing screens and the module is delivered with a number of standard reports, which can be customised by PSL Datatrack to show additional or new information if desired by the customer.

Users can define groups that personnel belong to for listing screen filtering, reporting and even display on real time digital Status Boards.

PSL Datatrack has received excellent feedback from users that have already added the Contract Review module and subcontract precision engineering companies installing the system in the coming months will be offered it as part of their modular package.

“As is the case with any new feature we develop, Contract Review has benefitted from the collaboration of ideas between PSL Datatrack and our established user base to ensure that we continue to provide the most effective and flexible modules possible,” concludes Geoff Gartland, Managing Director.

For more information, visit or contact PSL Datatrack, Lily Hill House, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2SJ, Tel: +44 (0) 1344 827312, Email: [email protected]

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