Intelliconnect Non-Executive Director Dr Ziad Melhem appointed as Chair of the British Cryogenic Council #Automation #CyroCoax #Division

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, the UK based specialist manufacturer of RF, Microwave, Waterproof and Cryogenic connectors and cable harnesses, is very proud to announce that Dr Ziad Melhem, Non-Executive Director of its CryoCoax division, has been appointed as Chair of the British Cryogenic Council.

Ziad is the Founder and CEO of Oxford Quantum Solutions Ltd (OQS) and has more than 30 years of experience in all things cryogenic. He is active at National and International levels and member of a number of committees, organisations and advisory boards. He has been welcomed at the BCC where he joins Dr Andy-Blackett May the new Secretary on the BCC committee.

QQS is focussed on innovations and advanced solutions, strategic business development, strategic road mapping and technical authority on superconducting, cryogenics, instrumentation in quantum and nanotechnology applications for quantum, energy, life sciences, physical sciences, transport and power applications.

Gareth Philips, Managing Director of the Intelliconnect Group, says,” All at Intelliconnect offer our huge congratulations to Zaid on this honour and the important position he now holds in the development of cryogenic research and industrialisation of this cutting edge technology. We are now positioned to maintain our leading position in the global market for cryogenic connectors and cable assemblies.”

Ziad was previously the Strategic Business Development Manager of Oxford Instruments NanoScience (OINS), implementing alliances and collaborative R&D projects on quantum, nanoscience, and nanotechnology applications.

Ziad has experience on new product design and business development activities in applied superconductivity, low and high temperature superconducting (LTS & HTS) materials, cryogenic, quantum and nanotechnology applications for scientific, medical, energy and industrial sectors.

Intelliconnect are proud to be the supplier of choice for many of the leading European and North American Defence, Medical and Marine OEMs and hold the Defence Supply Chain SC21 Silver Performance Standard Award. Equally at home responding to smaller projects and companies Intelliconnect also manufactures a wide range of standard connectors and adapters including the market leading Pisces Range of IP67/IP68 waterproof RF connectors, their Precision Range as well as Covert, Triaxial and Multipin connector ranges.

Intelliconnect has provided technology companies with solutions to issues relating to electrical performance, physicality, interface, water resistance materials, finish and obsolescence since 2003 and champions innovation – from their IP67/68 system for internally and externally sealing connectors to their new cryogenic range, Intelliconnect are constantly seeking new solutions. In addition, Intelliconnect offer the fastest turnaround in the industry for drawings (24 hours), samples (from three weeks) and delivery, delivering custom designed products in a matter of weeks.

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd  is the largest UK based manufacturer of RF, microwave, waterproof and cryogenic connectors and cable harnesses suitable for applications including wearable technology, medical, telecoms, satcoms, military, aerospace, space, general microwave communications, rail traction, oil and gas and marine. Intelliconnect also manufacture the market leading Pisces range of waterproof RF connectors, coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change etc. dust-caps and offer value added services.

Their recently launched and fast-growing cryogenic cable assembly business CryoCoax supplies the growing market for quantum computing, medical, research, test and measurement and the emerging low temperature computing markets.

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