CAV System Addresses Skills Shortage with Apprenticeships and Workforce Development #Manufacturing #SkillsShortage #2023

Leading engineering company CAV Systems says skills development and tackling the industry-wide skills shortage will be a major focus for 2023 and beyond.

The Consett, Co Durham-based company, which specialises in aircraft anti-icing systems, has a proud tradition of supporting those looking to access the industry.

Two recent interns at CAV Systems have spoken about their experience of working at the company. Anton Fenyk, a design engineer intern, and Alice Irving, a marketing intern, both spoke highly of the hands-on experience they gained at CAV.

Anton Fenyk, Design Engineer Intern

Anton Fenyk, a design engineering intern at CAV Systems, said he was inspired to go into engineering by his Ukranian grandfather, a former lead engineer at a power station.

He has spent his time at CAV supporting the engineering and manufacturing teams across a number of different projects.

“I’ve just tried to learn as much as possible about the approach and processes,” he said. “This has included everything from helping to archive key project documents, to conducting feasibility study for a new component for proportioning units.

“In many ways, I’ve learned more in five weeks at CAV Systems than I did during four years at university. I’ve learned about everything from using CAD software to time management and task prioritisation, something that is very hard to replicate in a university environment. All these skills will be applicable to my future career.

“The specialists here have been so supportive – they have been tutoring me, showing me how they approach work both in and out of the workplace. They’ve been really motivating to me and inspired me to pursue a career in civil aerospace.

“To anyone considering an internship or work placement like this, I would absolutely say just go for it!”

Alice Irving, marketing assistant intern:

Alice Irving, marketing assistant intern, cherished her internship at CAV Systems. As part of her role, she has supported the marketing team with newsletters, social media updates and research to support the company’s brand awareness and development.

“I wanted to gain some hands-on work experience and I knew a lot about CAV Systems as a major local employer. The team have been great and really supportive of me.

“Learning on the job is the best way to do it. A lot of younger people don’t necessarily get this opportunity, so when they do start the world of work it might be more daunting.

“Learning how to operate in a professional environment has been fantastic: I have worked closely with the manufacturing department, the design team and the engineers.

“It’s inspired me to look to do a degree-based apprenticeship. The traditional university route is not something I’m looking for. I want to be working on the job, in a professional environment while I’m learning, which will leave me with three or four years of vital experience that will really help me stand out in the job market when I’ve finished.”

PhD support

CAV Systems also announced the start of a three-year PHD partnership with the University of Strathclyde as part of a project that focuses on laser processing on composite materials. This partnership will see CAV’s team of skilled engineers provide guidance and mentoring to PHD students throughout their studies.

The company also has strong links with other universities, both here in the UK and in the US and the company’s CEO Mike Eggleston sits on the Industry Advisory Board for Mathematics, Physics & Electrical Faculty of Engineering at Northumbria University.

Commenting on CAV Systems’ commitment to skills development, Mike said: “As with many sectors, manufacturing and engineering is facing a skills shortage. We believe industry leaders must play a key role in helping to develop future talent.

“CAV has a long tradition of working with talented young people to develop their skills. Whether that is through partnerships with universities, offering apprenticeships or internships, we take great pride in the way we invest in our industry’s future.

“This is further complemented by our continuous learning ethos, which is designed to support all members of staff and encourage skills development.”

In addition to a proactive training approach for its employees CAV Systems also offers training and support to TKS owners, installers and maintenance personnel.

These courses are delivered by our most experienced engineers and help to ensure that the people using our systems fully understand in-flight icing and the TKS system design, functionality and operation.

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