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Gareth Phillips, New Managing Director at Intelliconnect, looks forward to 2023

 My first few weeks of being Intelliconnect’s new Managing Director have been a whirlwind! The founder, Roy Phillips, and I had been working toward my succession for around three years, so I was able to hit the ground running and I am very lucky to have so many great teams across the business which have really helped make the transition a smooth one.

In addition, our recent acquisition by the USA based Trexon Group required careful integration and will open up many more exciting opportunities, building on the great synergies across our new sister companies, within the customer base and product range.

Having some record-breaking shipping months in the U.K. and USA in 2022 has certainly helped with any pressure I was putting on myself and I am really looking forward to 2023 and breaking even more records!

We have a shared vision for the future of Intelliconnect. Together with the senior management team we have reviewed the Intelliconnect vision, mission and values statements and made them our own. Our new goals are not dissimilar to those that came before, but they are ours and we have a collective ownership and responsibility to deliver upon them.

Our Vision is to make Intelliconnect the most agile, imaginative and fastest growing interconnect business in our chosen markets.

Our Mission is to design, develop and manufacture high quality, best in class interconnect solutions, through partnership and our market leading customer service.

Our Values include integrity and accountability, respect for our employees and their welfare. Innovation and agility for our stakeholders and continuously improving all that we do.

 I worked previously for Exertis, a behemoth value-add technology distributor in many roles over a 20-year period. Finally holding the role of Head of Commercial and was responsible for the Gaming and Gadgets divisions. I was originally hired to FAX sell thru information to Sega!

The transition to working for Intelliconnect was more scary than hard. I knew distribution inside and out, and it seems I was pretty good at it, but manufacturing is a whole different ballgame.

Intelliconnect is all about its culture and people. It genuinely is our USP, and I am a believer in people and how they power a business, so this really was a driver for me in making the move and helped me face my fears!

The team were, and still are, amazing, and transitioning was pretty easy. I’m still learning every day but when you have great people that you trust, you don’t need to know everything!

Intelliconnect is a business that has always behaved as if it were much bigger than its turnover would suggest, this really helped me as the business already had strong policies and procedures, so I had some rules to work with day one, and Roy was incredibly supportive.

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd  is the largest UK based manufacturer of RF, microwave, waterproof and cryogenic connectors and cable assemblies. Their recently launched and fast-growing cryogenic cable assembly business CryoCoax supplies the growing market for quantum computing, medical, research, test and measurement and the emerging low temperature computing markets.

Intelliconnect’s cable division are specialist manufacturers of affordable, high quality, high frequency microwave cables including triaxial assemblies, semi-rigid, semi-flexible and cryogenic cables as well as standard RG/LMR type products. Cables can be waterproofed to IP68 and include special features including phase matching and ruggedised assemblies for use in harsh environments.

For more information call +44(0)1245 347145end_of_the_skype_highlighting, email [email protected]  or visit www.intelliconnectgroup.com/

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