Power quality specialist invests in a sustainable future #Manufacturing #Reducing #CarbonEmissions

~ REO invests in providing stability for customers and reducing carbon emissions ~

Power quality specialist REO has invested £550,000 in a ground source heat pump and photovoltaic (PV) system at its manufacturing facility. This will increase its energy independence and provide stability for its customers during a time of uncertainty. The combined systems will also reduce the factory’s carbon dioxide emissions by over 100,000 kg per year, contributing towards the company’s sustainability goals.

The heat pump system works by absorbing heat underground using pipes filled with thermal transfer fluid, which heats up as it passes through a heat exchanger. That heat is transferred to water, which is distributed around the facility. This method uses a fraction of the electricity it would normally require to produce the same amount of heat as conventional methods.

The electricity required for the pump will be provided by the 700 m2 PV system, taking advantage of the factory’s large roof space. As the PV system is rated for approximately 150 kW, this will provide additional capability for increased production automation and provide electrical capacity for the factory’s growth.

“We want to minimise the impact of rising utility prices on our customers,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “By investing in our energy independence, we can stabilise product prices.

“Heating oil has increased to nearly 300 per cent of its 2020 value, making investment in large scale systems viable. The installation of a system with a total rated power of 260 kW, ensures an increase in energy capacity and a large reduction in costs and the potential to reduce CO2 by around 45,000 kg per year.”

This investment is part of REO’s plan to identify and address areas where energy costs and carbon emissions can be reduced across its five European manufacturing plants. This includes using automatic door sensors to prevent unnecessary use of lights and ensuring there are no leaks in the compressed air system.

For more information about how REO is providing stability for customers or to find out about the range of specialist power quality equipment it manufactures and offer, contact the company on +44 (0) 158 673 411.

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