Delta Presents its Smart Energy-Efficient and Fully-Integrated Hardware & Software Solutions for IIoT at SPS Nuremberg 2022 #Manufacturing #IIoT #SPS #Nuremberg #SaaS

Delta, a world-class provider of power management and industrial automation solutions, is exhibiting a wide range of smart, energy-efficient and highly integrated industrial automation hardware and software solutions engineered for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications at SPS Nuremberg 2022. The demonstration includes Delta’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Dashboard tool – DIACloud Digital Dashboard – which offers remote visualisation of cloud data for a broad range of applications; and a new IIoT function card for the PLC series to enable various IIoT applications.

“A lot of our customers are now investing in the IIoT,” said Roetger Sander, deputy director of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. “Open platform communications united architecture (OPC UA) is a standard that many customers have chosen to work with. We’re excited that the new products we’re bringing to SPS is meeting the open OPC UA standard and can support a wide range of IIoT applications.”

IIoT Cloud-based Platform – DIACloud Digital Dashboard

Delta launches the latest evolution of its DIACloud remote access: Digital Dashboard. This new Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Dashboard tool offers remote visualisation of cloud data. It makes all applications and machines easily and securely accessible from the web, for increased user flexibility and convenience. Users can create a customised interface for their applications, as well as a real-time trend graph or history data monitoring, while the Digital Dashboard also features an alarm function for real time notifications. It is ideally suited to machine builders and applications that require remote connectivity, such as pump applications that have variable frequency drives. No installation software is required, which also simplifies the set up.

Pump Solutions with Delta’s Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000

Delta demonstrates its Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 in a simulated environment by showing the different operational modes that are possible through its firmware, which enables the CP2000 to control up to eight drives simultaneously. Delta also shows its latest new multi-drive solution – the redundancy water supply solution, which is suitable for applications ranging from fire water systems to domestic water systems, power generation, industrial water treatment systems, sewage treatment systems, agro culture and public facilities.

Time of Flight Camera DMV-T

Delta’s new high-speed Time of Flight Camera DMV-T for machine vision utilises a built-in processor sensor, which delivers frame rates of up to 60 frames per second. The camera captures depth information by calculating phase differences between the carrier frequency of the active light emitted by the camera, and the light reflected from the object. This process enables it to acquire 3D information at very high speeds. Industries including agriculture, logistics, automatic guided vehicles and robotics can benefit from the Time of Flight Camera DMV-T, as it is well protected to make it suitable for a wide variety of challenging environments.

Visitors to Delta’s stand can also experience its Barcode Scanners. In addition to reading 1D/2D barcodes, they are also capable of reading defective or damaged barcodes, helping to boost productivity and efficiency. They are already used in applications as diverse as electronics manufacturing and food packaging, as well as in logistic industry applications, ranging from communications to production tracking.

Compact Modular CODESYS Motion Controller AX-3 Series

Delta’s motion controllers AX-3 series now offers five new CPU models, which enables control of four to 64 drives, offering a broad array of connectivity interfaces from EtherCAT, Modbus TCP/RTU to Ethernet/IP and OPC UA. Delta’s latest motion controller line up increases the scalability of its motion control and PLC product portfolio, offering customers more options to meet their demands across a wide range of market segments. These range from packaging to woodworking, metalworking and material handling. Delta continues to offer the PLCs AX-324N and AX-300N, which are ideally suited to applications that don’t require motion control features.

Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series with New IIoT Function Card

Delta extends its high performance PLC AS series with the new AS-FFTP01 function card to enable various IIoT applications to extend the capability of the applications powered by Delta’s PLC AS300. The AS-FFTP01 IIoT function card is compatible with a multitude of applications. It provides support for OPC UA, and offers increased connectivity with SCADA systems and MQTT for sharing filed data with cloud applications. Meanwhile, the FTP server function provides the ability to connect with IT related applications, such as file transfers between the PLC and a PC. Delta anticipates that the AS series will play an important role in the evolution of Industry 4.0, while improving efficiency in production and industrial environments.

Delta welcomes visitors to its stand (Hall 7, stand 593) at SPS Nuremberg 2022, hosted at Messe Nuremberg, from 8-10 November. For more information about Delta’s industrial automation, please visit

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