Fraser Technologies is one-stop-shop for electronics cleaning and soldering

There are ever increasing demands from the consumer to make things smaller and more convenient. As a result, electronic devices are becoming smaller with more densely populated printed circuit board (PCBs) assemblies.

In many cases, traditional cleaning methods are not sufficient to achieve the expected standard of cleanliness on these smaller PCBs, so it is critical that considerations are made to accommodate new structures and designs.

Next generation cleaning products

KlensTek® cleaning products, developed by Fraser Technologies, deliver superior, environmentally friendly electronics cleaning solutions for a wide range of requirements and applications. They offer outstanding cleaning power; are gentle on components; non-flammable in ambient air temperatures and pressure conditions; and are environmentally friendly.

Fraser Technologies also offers the Koki soldering range of products, including PCB assembly materials, leaded and unleaded solder pastes, solder wires, liquid fluxes for both wave and selective soldering, tack fluxes for repair and rework and SMT adhesives.

Best in class cleaning equipment

Fraser Technologies is the UK supplier of the SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 machines from Miele. The single chamber aqueous cleaning systems offer a flexible chamber space, allowing a wide range of components to be cleaned quickly at the same time within a small, 65cm- wide footprint.

With a smart load system, flexible and intelligent controls, a highly efficient cleaning process, and a wide range of load carriers and accessories, the machines also allow for visual monitoring of the chamber via a glass window with internal lighting. Especially effective for flux removal from electronic PCB assemblies, they are well-suited for many other specialist cleaning applications as well.

Fraser Technologies has been supplying electronics cleaning solutions for over 50 years and is a trusted partner. The company has achieved such expertise in the field, it developed its own chemistries in order to provide the best possible outcomes for customers.

With an extensive range of products, Fraser Technologies work with their customers to identify the best solution for nearly every cleaning application imaginable.

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