Over a dozen online MRP software educational events to be hosted online over the summer months

Free events show what manufacturing software should be delivering for your business

123 Insight are to host over a dozen online manufacturing software events until the end of September, allowing companies to get a better understanding of how MRP/ERP can improve overall business efficiency.

There are two event types; the INFO Exchange gives a 50-minute brief taster of the MRP process, while the more in-depth 3-hour Evaluation Workshop goes into much more detail and has a Q&A session at the end, allowing attendees to ask any questions. Both event types are free to attend.

The event dates are as follows:

  • Tue 5th July 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Tue 19th Jul 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Wed 20th Jul 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Wed 27th Jul 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Tue 2nd Aug 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Wed 10th Aug 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Tue 16th Aug 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Wed 24th Aug 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Wed 31st Aug 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Wed 6th Sep 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Thu 15th Sep 10am – INFO Exchange
  • Wed 21st Sep 9.30am – Evaluation Workshop
  • Tue 27th Sept 10am – INFO Exchange

The events are suitable either for companies that are looking to move away from paper-based processes or home-grown Excel/database systems, or that are unhappy with their existing manufacturing software and considering replacing it. The INFO Exchange is a one-to-many webinar-style event, while the number of attendees of the Evaluation Workshop is capped to allow all attendees time to participate in the Q&A session.

All attendees at both events also receive a free paperback copy of ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’ by 123 Insight’s Marketing Manager Martin Bailey. The book acts as a template for implementing any manufacturing system, not just 123insight, and also highlights the best practices and pitfalls of each stage of the evaluation and implementation process; from initial selection and choosing your implementation team, through to data migration, down-stream training, going live and measuring success.

Simon Badger, Managing Director, said; “With the cost of raw materials and energy increasing everywhere, companies are looking to be more efficient than ever. A well-implemented MRP system can deliver business efficiency across every department, not just manufacturing. In these educational events we aim to dispel many of the myths and complexities that often surround MRP, making it accessible to more businesses.”

To book to attend any event visit 123insight.com

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