123 Insight releases more free MRP educational videos #manufacturing#MRPSystem

123 Insight has released six additional videos to its free MRP educational video series on YouTube, bringing the total number of videos available currently to 15.

The videos are designed to help manufacturing companies that are either struggling with paper-based, Excel-based, or home-grown database systems to manage stock control, purchasing, or planning, or that are considering moving away from an existing MRP/ERP system that no longer meets their needs.

Each video is around 3-4 minutes in length and is designed to give the viewer a basic overview on each subject.

The latest videos include:

  • What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)?
  • Batch production and MRP systems
  • What will MRP do for your sales department?
  • What will MRP do for your purchasing department?
  • What will MRP do for your stores department?
  • What will MRP do for your production department?

These join an existing array of videos including common MRP/ERP implementation mistakes, the top 20 benefits of an MRP system, a brief history of MRP and how MRP and Lean Manufacturing can work together.

Simon Badger, Managing Director of 123 Insight said; “Many smaller manufacturers start out with what they believe are perfectly manageable systems in place, but as they grow, they quickly discover a lack of efficiency, visibility and traceability. We’re creating these videos as part of our educational approach to MRP selection and implementation, empowering companies to understand what a well-implemented MRP system should be doing for their business, but without all the traditionally associated up-front massive financial commitment.”

Companies can find 123insight on YouTube or visit 123insight.com for more information. 123 Insight also run regular online educational MRP events, which are free to attend. Attendees will also receive a free book on how to implement an MRP system.

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