Lipstick, Powder and Pick

Cosmetics distribution operation sees efficiency boost after automated investment.

For the retail industry it’s not about the technology, it’s about remaining competitive and driving an improved customer service whilst keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.  Kardex Remstar is seeing a real requirement in enabling ‘real-time’ optimisation, which is then reflected in an increase in picking accuracy and picking speeds which are increased by 400%.  Being competitive and delivering a faster more accurate service at a lower TCO is still the main motivator.

Mary Kay is one of the leading companies for direct sales of makeup and skin care and Lesley Cosmetics is the authorised and exclusive distributor for Mary Kay in the Nordics. The company wanted an efficient solution that reduced delivery time and increased picking speed and accuracy.  By purchasing a Megamat RS350 they increased picking speeds by 200-300%, reduced picking errors from 1.5% to 0.87% and created a better flow in the warehouse, with a more ergonomic workspace and rotation in staff work tasks.  With Kardex Power Pick Global software they now deliver a fast storage and retrieval solution with 3,000 order lines easily picked in a one-day shift.

In the end it’s about how your bottom line will be impacted. As Intralogistics applications continue to be scrutinised in terms of efficiency: They must work more flexibly, stock a wider range of items within a smaller space and guarantee faster retrieval times. To cope with these demands, Kardex has developed a new generation of automated storage systems, which also offer high order picking performance and represent excellent value for money, while consuming little energy and occupying little space.  With customer demand escalating faster than ever before, e-commerce retailers and distributors are turning to more effective ways to maintain/increase intralogistics processes whilst keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

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