An electronic device looks set to save time, and money for British Manufacturers.

Adding water to a mix – everything from from feeding mixing bowls to filling tanks has long been carried out using pails or hosepipes. Time consuming, open to accident and operator error, there has never been a viable, micro-computer controlled, UK alternative. However, Aquameter Ltd based in Hertfordshire is already changing all that.

Their ABACUS digital device delivers exact, pre-selected quantities of water from a single pipe – straight into the mixing vessel. This precise metering of the water means the operator can exactly re-create batch consistency each time

Operation of the ABACUS is simplicity itself: the quantity of water required is keyed in, the “start” button pushed, and the water flows. A water solenoid valve located in the water pipe closes the flow at the completion of the cycle; when the pre-set batch quantity is reached.

The unit is already in use across the UK and beyond, and is being snapped up by food manufacturers around the globe.

Matt Bell, Production Manager with Bell Bakers, located near Glasgow, says of the system: “We use two systems for metering water into the mixers in the main bakery area and one into the boiling pans for stews. Were it not for these units we would be using buckets of water or a line of hose – not that convenient.” He goes on: “We have control over the whole operation… it’s obviously more accurate; using the meter rather than relying on staff to put it in by pail.”

Thanks to a small Hertfordshire company, manufacturers now have the ability to reproduce exact batch consistency each and every time.

And that can be no bad thing.

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